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Is A Child Custody/Child Support Modification Attorney Also Affordable?

Protecting Your Children And Your Finances

When it comes to your kids, most people feel that money is no object. But in reality, and particularly during uncertain economic times, money is very much an issue in child support and child custody modification proceedings. The good news is that the experienced modification attorney you need can be affordable.

One of the most effective ways to keep costs under control is to ensure the process is handled efficiently by a proven local attorney. At Daly Mills Family Law, we offer experienced representation to parents in Statesville, Iredell County, Lake Norman, Mooresville, and surrounding areas of North Carolina. We know the courts, we know the judges, and we know the process. This works to the advantage of our clients — and their pocketbooks.

The Modification Process

To modify a child custody order, there first must be an actual order in place. An informal agreement between parents that has not been signed by both parties and a judge or a separation agreement that has not been incorporated into a final divorce order is not an existing child custody order and parents can modify their arrangement by agreement.

In North Carolina, an existing child custody arrangement can be modified at any time, upon motion, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, with certain exceptions for members of the military. Where the child prefers to live will not always determine which parent gets custody.

Family Law Is A Jungle. Protect What’s Yours.

We cannot guarantee results, but we want each family we represent to know that you are our priority. That means working toward a resolution to your case and doing so at a reasonable, affordable price. Our experienced modification attorneys are available to meet with you to discuss your questions. To schedule a meeting at our Mooresville law office, contact our firm online or call us at 704-878-2365.

Child Custody and Child Support FAQs

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