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Prepare For Whatever Life Throws Your Way

Nobody knows what the future holds. Yet we all face one certainty in life: death.

Morbid as that sounds, it’s actually an opportunity. That one certainty about the future empowers us to make better decisions in the present.

At Daly Mills Family Law, we believe that estate planning isn’t about dying. It’s about living. Your estate plan should reflect the life you’ve built — not just the property you’ve amassed, but also the values you’ve upheld and people you’ve held close. And just as life is constantly changing, so, too, your estate plan should never become stagnant. Periodic updates can ensure that it continues to reflect your vision and accomplish your goals.

Estate Planning Tools

By working closely with you — and understanding what’s important to you — our lawyers will help you put the right tools into place for a solid and effective estate plan. These documents include:


Everyone should have a will — especially homeowners, business owners and people with minor children. Through a will, you can designate a guardian for your children, determine how your property should be distributed and reduce the risk of disputes.

Living Wills

A living will, aka “Declaration for a Natural Death,” allows you to voice your wishes now in the event that you can’t later. It covers your preferences on end-of-life medical interventions in the event of an incapacitation injury or illness.

Powers Of Attorney

There are many different reasons why a person may need a power of attorney, including financial and health care planning. A power of attorney can be used in many different situations to designate who can make legal, financial, or medical decisions on your behalf.

A medical power of attorney gives broad powers to the person you designate as your health care agent to make medical decisions for you when you cannot make these decisions yourself — or cannot adequately communicate what you want.

A financial power of attorney (also called a “general” or “durable” power of attorney) empowers a loved one to manage your finances and property if you become incapacitated. Without it, they may not be able to access your bank accounts and other critical financial information.

Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust can help provide the financial interests of an individual with special needs.

Parents of a child with special needs may set up this type of trust to protect the child’s ability to receive certain government benefits such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


A guardian has an important role: To act on behalf of an individual who may be unable to make important decisions independently.

A guardianship can be established to protect the interests of a minor child or an adult with special needs. The role of a guardian can vary depending on the needs of the ward (the person needing help from a guardian).

At Daly Mills Family Law, we file on behalf of the proposed guardian, or we intervene on behalf of a family member in a contested initial action. Additionally, we file motions to modify by a third party if the existing guardian is not performing.

Serving People From All Walks Of Life

You don’t need to be wealthy to afford an estate plan. We offer affordable services for people from all backgrounds, including:

  • Seniors and those nearing retirement
  • Small-business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Police officers, firefighters, first responders and other public servants
  • Child care providers
  • Teachers at public or private institutions
  • Military service members and veterans

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