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North Carolina Child Support Guidelines

Making North Carolina’s Child Support Guidelines Work For You

At first glance, the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines may seem like a simple calculation. However, it’s the reading between the lines and fully evaluating a child’s past, present and future expenses that matter a great deal when determining child support payments during divorce or separation. The knowledgeable lawyers at Daly Mills Family Law go the extra mile to evaluate expenses and provide customized legal advice based on the client’s needs.

The Importance Of An Attorney In Child Support Disputes

While certain factors based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines are considered in child support calculations, additional considerations are important, too. Your child support lawyer will need to thoroughly evaluate all extraordinary present or future expenses for your child when arguing for or against a child support payment.

It’s critical to hire an attorney who will invest substantial time and resources into your child support matter. A child support attorney who understands your child’s needs will be fully equipped to argue on your behalf. Our North Carolina child support lawyers also assist parents with post-decree modifications to child support orders when you need to change child support payments and with the enforcement of child support orders.

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines don’t apply in every situation, however. Child support payments for certain high-income families are determined based on the needs of the child, not the guideline calculations. Our skilled child support attorneys are prepared to evaluate your individual situation to help you understand how the guidelines will impact you.

Your Children And Financial Future Are Worth Fighting For

Our experienced family law attorneys will look out for your interests and fight to protect what’s yours. Contact us online or call our Mooresville office at 704-878-2365 to schedule a consultation. Please contact our Family Law Attorneys in Mooresville, NC for more legal help.

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