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Planning For Divorce

Lawyer for Planning Divorce in Mooresville, NC

Whether you are considering divorce or legal separation, it is always in your best interests to plan ahead prior to divorce or separation. At a minimum, it’s important to collect financial statements and evaluate your assets and property before the divorce. A divorce lawyer at Daly Mills Family Law can also help you take additional steps before filing for divorce to protect your assets and interests.

North Carolina Divorce Planning

Sadly, your spouse may try to deceive you out of funds or property that you are entitled to during divorce. When you are planning for a divorce, it’s critical to make copies of important documents and lists for future use in divorce proceedings, including:

  • 401(k) or retirement account statements
  • Property values and addresses
  • Tax statements from the previous five to 10 years
  • Bank account statements
  • Bill statements
  • Childcare costs and receipts
  • Safety deposit box contents and locations
  • Jewelry or heirloom inventory list
  • Business assets or statements

It is important to copy these documents and keep them in a safe place, possibly even in your divorce attorney’s office, to prevent fraud or theft during the divorce. Collecting these documents and understanding your financial situation prior to filing for divorce will also help your divorce lawyer protect your rights throughout the process.

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