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Equitable Distribution

Property Division In Divorce Is A Jungle. Protect What’s Yours.

When you divorce or separate from your spouse, you will also need to split shared property, investment accounts, retirement benefits, business assets, and other financial accounts. North Carolina’s property and asset division law calls for “equitable distribution” of shared property. The divorce attorneys at Daly Mills Family Law take great care in handling all property and asset division issues because we know that your financial future depends on it. We will fight for you to receive your fair share of the assets in a divorce proceeding.

What Does ‘Equitable Distribution’ Mean For Your Assets?

Equitable distribution is a fancy way of saying equal division, but North Carolina law doesn’t actually call for a strict 50-50 split of all assets and property. That’s because a judge who is deciding property and asset division issues must consider several factors to divide the property. The equitable distribution of marital property may also be decided prior to divorce, in either a separation agreement or property distribution agreement, decided through mediation or negotiation by the parties.

At our firm, we also consider the tax implications of property and asset division when arguing for equitable distribution of property, businesses, and assets acquired during the marriage. An even 50-50 split of the property may not be appropriate if the tax ramifications of the division unfairly fall on one spouse.

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