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Prenuptial Agreements And Divorce

Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce Lawyer in Mooresville, NC

At Daly Mills Family Law, our experienced North Carolina prenuptial agreement attorneys know that when a couple gets married, the last thing they are thinking about is divorce.

The good news is, prenuptial agreements no longer represent the antiquated idea that one spouse is not entitled to the other’s property should their marriage end.

Prenuptial agreements are so much more than a contract, and with their rise in popularity over the past decade, couples are recognizing the protection they provide, even if they are never legally enforced.

We can help you and your spouse design a prenuptial agreement that fits your unique needs, so you openly understand each other’s financial positions, and start your marriage confidently on the right foot.

Our dedicated family law attorneys have offices conveniently located in both Mooresville making us easy to find and even easier to reach, so our clients can achieve their goals in the way they want to achieve them.

When you are ready to talk, we are ready to help you outline and protect what you hold dear.

What Can and Cannot Be Included in a North Carolina Prenuptial Agreement?

North Carolina prenuptial agreements are outlined based on our state’s laws, which limit what the document can and cannot do.

North Carolina prenuptial agreements can:

  • Protect one spouse from the debts of the other.
  • Distinguish between marital, separate, and divisible property.
  • Ease property and asset distribution equitably if the marriage ends in divorce.
  • Keep family heirlooms, family business interests, and other property in the family in which they originated.
  • Provide for any children either spouse has from previous relationships.
  • Supplement and protect an estate plan.

North Carolina prenuptial agreement cannot:

  • Pre-determine issues of child custody or child support.
  • Waive either spouse’s right to spousal support in the event of a divorce.
  • Require either spouse to do something unlawful.
  • Provide a financial or another incentive for divorce.
  • Specify which spouse is responsible for non-financial, household matters – like cleaning, cooking, or how the children will be raised.

It is important to discuss your prenuptial agreement with a skilled family law attorney in North Carolina, as all or part of the contract may be found void if it includes prohibited material.

We will outline your customized prenuptial agreement with skill and precision, so you can enjoy your marriage with confidence knowing both spouses’ important life details are fully disclosed and protected going forward.

When you partner with our skilled Mooresville prenuptial agreement attorneys, you can expect dedicated legal services tailored to fit your needs.

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At Daly Mills Family Law, our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Mooresville focus on each of our client’s unique legal needs, and that begins by keeping our caseloads small. Each time you contact our office, you will have access to attorneys and support staff who can answer your questions, allay your fears, and develop practical legal solutions that make sense.

Family law and future planning matters may be complex, but they are all we do. And we do it because we want to help our North Carolina clients confidently build their futures for success.

As part of our commitment to the Lake Norman area, and the rest of our fellow North Carolinians, our law firm was featured in Limitless Magazine to shine a light on combining our compassion with the legal skills necessary to protect our clients’ futures.

It’s a jungle out there. Protect what’s yours. Contact our Mooresville family law attorneys today at 704-878-2365 or online to develop a partnership that produces actual results.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Our Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys in Mooresville, North Carolina

How Can My Fiancé and I Create a Valid North Carolina Prenuptial Agreement?

Before you get married, both spouses must start the prenuptial agreement process by fully disclosing the nature and extent of their assets, debts, and income to each other or waive their right to have such disclosure before signing the agreement. They can then make decisions regarding what happens to their financial standing should they divorce. For instance, if one spouse has significant debt that the other does not want to be responsible for it should they divorce, they can list that detail in the agreement. Once the details are outlined in the agreement, both parties are required to sign the document, and become married, before it is valid.

Do We Need a North Carolina Prenuptial Agreement Attorney to Make it Official?

While you can create your own agreement, the agreement is more likely to be enforceable and to be fully outlined with both your wishes if an attorney drafts it. Including an attorney in the process will also ensure your legal rights and options are protected before you sign.

Do I Have to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement if My Fiancé Asks Me To?

The simple answer is, no. You do not have to enter into a prenuptial agreement or give up any of your legal rights if you do not want to. However, discussing why you do not want to enter the agreement — or why your soon-to-be spouse wants you to enter the agreement — may help each of you understand the other’s position. Signing a prenuptial agreement is a personal choice, and it belongs to you. Please contact our Family Law Lawyers in Mooresville, NC for more legal help.

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