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North Carolina Divorce Process

Guiding You Through The North Carolina Divorce Process

A divorce lawyer at Daly Mills Family Law can ease the stress and tension that surround divorce. Our lawyers handle only a few divorce cases each month, allowing us to devote the time and energy necessary to understand each of our clients and your unique situation. Working closely with our divorce clients means we are better equipped to aggressively advocate on your behalf at every stage of the divorce process.

We Understand the Divorce Process Isn’t Easy

The legal process, from filing to the final declaration, varies greatly depending on the level of disagreement between spouses on three main issues:

Whether you and your spouse are able to agree on these three issues will influence whether there needs to be court involvement.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse cannot agree on all issues related to your North Carolina divorce a separation agreement may not be appropriate. We will guide you through the legal process, which will likely include:

  • Mediation. A neutral third party will try to find an agreeable solution to any contested issues.
  • Negotiation. We will work with you to understand where you are willing to compromise and where you absolutely will not compromise and then try to negotiate an agreement with your ex-spouse.
  • Sworn testimony. Both you and your spouse may be required to testify regarding contested issues in your divorce. If necessary, we may also need to call in experts to testify about the value of assets or the best interests of the children.
  • Judicial hearings. For issues that you and your spouse cannot agree on, a hearing before a judge may be required and he or she will determine how property will be divided, who will have custody, who will have visitation and who will pay what amount of child support.

When you are ready to file for divorce or cannot agree with your ex-spouse on divorce-related issues, hiring a knowledgeable lawyer who has your best interests in mind at all times can be extremely important. Don’t take the risk of tackling complicated divorce matters without the guidance of a divorce lawyer. Our attorneys work in courts throughout North Carolina, including Iredell County.

At Daly Mills Family Law, Our Law Firm In Mooresville, NC Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

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Conveniently located in Mooresville, we are available to meet with our divorce clients at the location most convenient for you. Due to our purposely small caseload, we are able to offer the personalized attention that we believe family law issues deserve and require. Contact us online or at 704-878-2365 to schedule a consultation. Please contact our Family Law Lawyer in Mooresville, NC for more legal help.

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