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Reviewing Your Estate Plan In Retirement

These are your golden years. You’ve crossed the finish line. You’ve hung up your hat and are ready to find yourself again, with the time to finally enjoy what you’ve been planning (and working so hard for) all these decades.

Retirement is not only the perfect time to kick back and relax, but also the perfect opportunity to revisit your estate plan. You don’t want loose ends looming over your peace of mind. Now that you’re retired, your financial picture may have changed, as may your goals.

That’s where we come in. At Daly Mills Family Law, we can help ensure that what you have on paper reflects the fullness of your life, your wishes and your priorities — and that it’s legally solid.

Our lawyers can walk you through every aspect of your estate plan, including wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney and other documents. You can rely on us to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Recently Moved Here? Have Property In Multiple States?

Perhaps you relocated to take advantage of North Carolina’s mild climate. Or maybe you’re a snowbird, with a condo or home you use seasonally. Either way, if you spend a significant amount of time here (or own property in the state), you should have a local attorney look over your estate plan.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of North Carolina estate law. We also handle the probate process for estates with property in multiple states. For example, if you own a vacation home in North Carolina, that home will likely have to go through North Carolina probate, even if your primary residence is in another state. Turn to us for detailed guidance on your particular situation.

Talk To A Local Attorney About Your Estate Plan

We invite you to meet with one of our attorneys and talk over your needs and goals. Call our office in Mooresville at 704-878-2365 to get started. Or, email us through our online contact form. Please contact our Mooresville Family Law Lawyer for more legal help.

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