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Divorce Attorney Lake Norman, NC

Our Daly Mills Family Law attorneys in Lake Norman know divorce and future planning matters may be complex, but they are all we do. And we do it because we want to help our North Carolina clients confidently build their futures for success.

We know that whether it was your idea to get divorced, if an abusive or cheating spouse forced your hand, or if your spouse is the one who is ready to move forward in a different direction, the next year of your life is going to be more challenging than you anticipated.

Our Lake Norman divorce attorneys meet our clients at some of the most emotional and life-changing times in their lives. Even if you know someone who has been divorced, your case is not theirs. Your case is unique to your family’s dynamics.

We can help you outline the pertinent factors in your marriage’s dissolution, including the complex areas that require each important detail to be personally and legally aligned to achieve success.

As part of our commitment to the Lake Norman area, and the rest of our fellow North Carolinians, our law firm was featured in Limitless Magazine to shine a light on combining our compassion with the legal skills necessary to protect our clients’ futures.

Our Lake Norman divorce lawyers do our jobs because we care about our clients, and only take a limited number of cases each month to ensure everyone gets the personal attention they deserve.

When you are ready to talk, we are ready to fight for what you hold dear.

Our Lake Norman Divorce Attorneys Provide Complete Family Law Solutions

At Daly Mills Family Law, our divorce attorneys in Lake Norman want to help you and your family pursue the results you deserve in every aspect of your divorce proceedings.

That includes legal representation involving:

At Daly Mills Family Law, our experienced Lake Norman divorce attorneys and support staff work as a team to provide personalized service for each of our client’s unique needs because we sincerely care about helping people. Contact us today to learn how we can help you move forward with confidence.

Do I Have to Prove Fault to Pursue a Divorce in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state. This means neither spouse must prove the other’s marital misconduct led to the marriage’s dissolution. The first requirement is that one spouse must have been a North Carolina resident for six months before initiating divorce proceedings.

Next, both spouses must live separately and apart — in different residences — for at least 12 consecutive months. The clock does not start ticking until the day after one spouse permanently moves from the shared residence.

If your divorce proceedings are based on one spouse’s misconduct, the legal process may become more complicated.

When abandonment, adultery, cruel treatment, or alcohol/substance abuse has led to the other spouse seeking a divorce, he or she may seek a divorce from bed and board — which is not technically a divorce.

In North Carolina, a divorce from bed and board requires proof of the other’s misconduct, which goes beyond an allegation. It also requires the party alleging misconduct to be completely blameless in the breakdown of the marriage. These circumstances allow the family court to step in and award a legal separation, and potential claims for alimony, child custody, child support, and equitable distribution.

Even in these cases, spouses will still have to wait one year from separation to obtain an absolute divorce.

Our Lake Norman divorce attorneys know that your family law needs are deeply personal. We are here to listen to your story, and each detail related to your family dynamics, so you understand your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome for your unique case.

Your children, finances, and future are worth fighting for. Allow our divorce lawyers in Lake Norman to take the lead in protecting what’s yours.

Contact Our Divorce Attorneys in Lake Norman Today for a Consultation

At Daly Mills Family Law, our Lake Norman divorce attorneys focus on each of our client’s unique legal needs, and that begins by keeping our caseloads small. Each time you contact our office, you will have access to divorce attorneys and support staff who can answer your questions, allay your fears, and develop practical legal solutions that make sense.

It’s a jungle out there. Protect what’s yours. Contact our Lake Norman divorce lawyers today at (704) 878-2365 or online to develop a partnership that produces actual results.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Lake Norman Divorce Attorneys

Am I Required to Create a Separation Agreement Before Getting Divorced in North Carolina?

No. Separation agreements do not initiate your separation. However, you and your spouse must be separated — living in separate residences — for at least one year before you can move forward with the divorce proceedings.

The separation agreement itself is designed to outline the same details that will be evaluated during the divorce, which allows both spouses to make decisions about the division of property, child custody or child support, and alimony while they wait for the mandatory one-year waiting period to pass.

Will I Have to Attend Divorce Mediation Before a North Carolina Divorce?

Divorcing spouses in North Carolina must attend mediation if they cannot agree to solve their child custody or property division disputes on their own. They are also not required to solve these issues during mediation, but they must attempt to develop a legal solution before the judge will hear their case inside the courtroom.

What Happens If I Know My North Carolina Divorce Case is Going to Go to Trial?

Some of our clients know that either they or their spouse will not go through the divorce process quietly, and are going to put up a fight during each aspect of the process. These are called high-conflict divorces and often stem from high-conflict marriages. Our Lake Norman divorce attorneys are committed to learning everything we can about your family dynamics, so we can outline each step according to its legal standard.

In high-conflict divorces, there are often threats made regarding what one spouse can or will do during the divorce proceedings to try and get the other to back down or give them what they want. We will help you understand your legal rights and options — from the separation through trial — so you know we are ready to fight for what is important to you. Our Lake Norman divorce attorneys prepare each of our cases as if they were going to trial, so we are ready at every turn, no matter what your soon-to-be-ex-spouse throws your way.

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