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Which Parent is Responsible for a Child’s Medical Expenses After a North Carolina Divorce?

Which Parent is Responsible for a Child’s Medical Expenses After a North Carolina Divorce?

Our Daly Mills Family Law attorneys in Lake Norman know that there are seemingly endless expenses associated with childcare — both before and after a North Carolina divorce.

While the major components of divorce, including property and asset distribution, child custody, and child support are typically top-of-mind, other details are equally important — like who is responsible for the children’s medical expenses.

In North Carolina, children’s health insurance and medical expenses are as important as child support and are often weighed in the same category.

Like most divorce details, it is preferable for the parties to come to a mutual agreement on the issue of the child’s medical expenses outside the courtroom. If they cannot, a judge may order either party to cover the children’s healthcare expenses, and out-of-pocket medical costs.

We can help you determine how the court will make these decisions, so you can reach the best outcome for the children’s unique healthcare needs.

Who is Required to Provide Health Insurance for North Carolina Children of Divorce?

Children of divorce are required to receive medical support in North Carolina. If parents cannot make these decisions on their own, the court may determine that both parents are responsible for certain types of medical care.

That may include:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Hospital Coverage
  • Specialty Care, including Surgeries, Physical Therapy, or Special Needs Care
  • Dental and Orthodontic Care
  • Speech Therapy
  • Prescriptions & Medical Devices

Both parents may carry health insurance on their children, although one will typically be appointed as the primary provider, and the other as the secondary provider.

If either party is required to provide health insurance and is unable to do so, whether there is a job loss or other circumstances that keep them from paying for the policy, they are likely to remain liable for any expenses.

Who Pays Healthcare Expenses that are Not Covered by Insurance?

Our Lake Norman family lawyers know that many medical expenses are not covered by health insurance. If the parents cannot decide who pays for the additional expenses that are not covered by health or dental insurance, the court will decide for them.

These decisions are often made based on each parent’s respective income, but other factors might also influence this decision.

If you are having trouble determining who should pay for which of your child’s medical expenses, or if the other parent is not contributing to medical expenses or child support, it is important to understand your legal rights. We can help.

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