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What Does My North Carolina Separation Agreement Need to Cover?

What Does My North Carolina Separation Agreement Need to Cover?

At Daly Mills Family Law, our Lake Norman divorce attorneys explain to our clients that in North Carolina couples must live apart for at least one year before receiving a divorce judgment.

Although there is no “formal” legal process for couples to be separated, one spouse must move out of the marital residence, and one must intend for the separation to be permanent.

The clock starts ticking on the one-year waiting period the day after one spouse moves out.

Once the emotional dust settles, the next logical step is to create a separation agreement that outlines the same issues they will face during their divorce proceedings.

We can help ensure this agreement is legally binding, and that barring any extenuating circumstances, the separation agreement seamlessly transfers to the divorce agreement.

What Should Be Included in a Separation Agreement in North Carolina?

North Carolina couples can address multiple issues that may otherwise become contentious during their divorce proceedings, so they can begin to make informed decisions about their futures.

That includes important decisions regarding:

Creating a binding separation agreement will allow both spouses to move forward with fewer disagreements once they are legally able to file for divorce. It also helps ensure the children — when there are minor children to care for — have their physical and financial needs met during the waiting period.

The more specific the separation agreement and its details, the more time and money both parties can save when it is time to pursue their actual divorce. We can help.

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