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Important Ways to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce in North Carolina

Important Ways to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce in North Carolina

At Daly Mills Family Law, our divorce attorneys in Mooresville represent clients throughout North Carolina whose family dynamics are shifting into unknown territory. The reality is, when parents decide to part ways, everyone in their family, personal, and professional circles is impacted differently.

Our Mooresville family lawyers focus on providing solutions that allay our clients’ fears, so the unknown becomes clearer, and they can face their futures with confidence.

A big part of moving forward after a divorce is helping your children cope with the changing circumstances, so their fears and questions are answered fully and respectfully, allowing them to move forward healthily, too.

Here are a few tips for helping your children understand the divorce process.

The Divorce is No One’s Fault

The sooner you can explain to your children — together with the other parent, if possible — that the divorce is no one’s fault, especially theirs, the better equipped you will be to answer their questions. They are certainly going to want to know what happened, and whether one or both of you contributed to the reasons you are getting divorced, it is important to maintain the position that it was a joint decision and that no one is at fault.

Children often wonder how they may have played a role in the divorce. It is up to you to assure them they had nothing to do with your combined decision to go your separate ways.

You Will Still Spend Time With Both Parents

The North Carolina family courts strongly recommend both parents remain involved in their children’s lives, which means creating a parenting plan and custody agreement that is in the best interests of the children. Explain to the kids that everything you both do is for them, and that splitting their time between two homes will not be a burden, but part of their growth.

This may mean including the kids in decisions regarding transportation to school, practice, or other extra-curricular activities, and a schedule of when they split their time between each home, so everyone is on the same page.

It Is Okay To Talk About the Divorce

Decades ago, divorce carried a stigma that left both parents and children unwilling to discuss their circumstances. Now, as divorce is common in North Carolina, and across the country, both parents and children can talk to trusted friends and family members about their experiences.

If you believe your children need to talk to a professional about coping with the divorce, look for a professional who specializes in children’s therapy, so they can get the help they need sooner than later.

Birthdays, Holidays & School Breaks are Still Important

The first set of birthdays, holidays, and school breaks can be hard on the entire family, simply because they are different than before. Be sure to communicate with your children that these celebrations and vacations are just as important as they have always been, and so are they.

To ensure these important milestones are celebrated seamlessly, coordinate these important dates and times with the other parent to help them transition with less stress and anxiety.

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