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Virtual visitation is an option for additional custody time

Virtual visitation is an option for additional custody time

As a parent who is busy or who has unexpected trips away for work, you can’t always commit to a regular custody schedule. You may be fortunate to have an ex-spouse who is flexible, but when you’re gone, you are still missing out on time with your child.

One of the things you may want to consider in this case is being able to see your child through virtual means. With virtual visitation, you may be able to make up some of the visitation time you should have over the internet or a phone call instead of missing it altogether.

What is virtual visitation?

Virtual visitation is when you visit with your child over virtual means such as through a video game, online, through text messaging, over video calls or even through a traditional phone call. The idea behind it is that you will still get to connect with your child, even though that connection will not be in person.

With the invention of the internet, virtual visitation has become more popular than ever. Instead of not seeing your child at all for three days of the week or for a few weeks while you’re on a business trip, you can call nightly to help with homework over a video call or spend an hour or two playing a video game with them and speaking to them over the game’s communication system.

Virtual visitation is unique in that it allows parents who can’t be physically present to still maintain a presence in their child’s life. Texting daily doesn’t necessarily “get in the way” of the other parent’s custody time, and it opens up the opportunity to have a continued conversation with your child about how they are or what they’re doing even if you’re not present at that moment. Even better, you can share where you are and what you’re doing, so your child builds a stronger bond with you while understanding your own responsibilities when you’re away.

Virtual visitation is a good addition to a custody plan but won’t replace your physical presence. It’s important to use it correctly as an add-on to your usual schedule.  Please contact our Mooresville family lawyers for more legal help.

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