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The Right Reason To Divorce

The Right Reason To Divorce

That conventional “wisdom” is that 50% of marriages end in divorce.

The quotes around “wisdom” are intentional, as it turns out there’s not much wisdom in that statistic. Divorce has actually been on the decline since the 1980s, with the percentage of marriages ending in divorce now hovering around 39%.

Even with statistics showing marriages more likely to remain intact than a generation ago, it’s easy to succumb to the perception that marriage is doomed. After all, even the royal family is dealing with a string of recent divorces.

Reasons For Divorce, According To Divorcée and Therapists

There’s also no shortage of articles on the web that deal with divorce, such as this one that details 9 reasons to divorce as stated by therapists and divorced women. Reasons included:

  • A lack of love and affection
  • Immaturity
  • Firing on less than all cylinders in the bedroom
  • Cheating
  • Abuse
  • Financial issues
  • Growing apart

The important thing to remember is that all of these are perfectly valid reasons to divorce. At its core, marriage is a contract between two consenting adults and when one party wants out, divorce is nearly inevitable. If you are considering getting a divorce you do not need the validation of that article or anyone else’s approval.

It turns out the right reason for a divorce is whatever you decide it is. Whether there are irreparable differences over your finances, disagreements on how to raise your children, or you have developed contempt for your spouse, your reason for divorce is the one that matters. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough. A thoughtful Mooresville divorce attorney at Daly Mills Family Law can help you identify your goals and start building a foundation for the future you want.

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